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14er’s Climbed–The Peak Bagging Page

I’ve started a collection of 14ers that I’ve hiked, listed below. A ’14er’ is shorthand for a peak or mountain that stands above 14,000 feet in elevation. Colorado, my home-state, happens to be the most well-endowed state with 53. Many people have turned this into a challenge, trying to summit all of them. I haven’t formally committed to such a goal, yet, but I’ve had fun knocking a few off the list. I’ve also documented a few 13ers and other favorite peaks in this collection because, why not? Like thru-hiking, peak bagging is somewhat of a niche outdoors activity, with its own unique difficulties, rewards, and community. But I really just love to hike and be in the mountains, so it’s no surprise that standing on top a peak, regardless of its height, appeals to my core values.

14ers List:

#1 Mt Elbert
#2 Mt Whitney
#3&4 Grays Peak & Torreys Peak
#5 Mt Massive
#6 San Luis Peak
#7 Pikes Peak (also technically my 1st)
#8 Humboldt Peak
#9&10 Mt Shavano & Tabeguache Peak
#11 Mt Antero
#12,13&14 Mt Democrat, Mt Lincoln & Mt Bross
#15&16 Mt Bierstadt & Mt Evans
#17 Mt Yale
#18 Mt Lindsey
#19&20 Blanca Peak & Ellingwood Point
#21&22 Challenger Point & Kit Carson Peak
#23&24 Mt Columbia & Mt Harvard
#25 Quandary Peak
#26 Longs Peak
Grays Peak 2022

13ers List:

Mauna Loa
Comanche Peak, Sangre De Cristos
Colorado Trail Highpoint
Forester Pass, Highpoint of the PCT
James Peak
Mt Flora
Mt Edwards
Santa Fe Peak, Geneva Peak & Whale Peak
Spread Eagle Peak & Peak of the Clouds
Argentine Peak

Other Prominent Peaks:

Mt Baker, Washington State