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Arizona Trail 2019

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The Arizona National Scenic Trail (established 2009) is a (95%) complete non-motorized path. It stretches roughly 800 miles across Arizona, from the Mexican to Utah borders. The AZT travels through deserts, mountains, canyons, and forests. It’s also in close proximity to some fun and welcoming communities of people.


CDT to AZT Interim
AZT Day 1: Another Start
AZT Day 2: Walking the Highlands of Arizona
AZT Day 3: North Rim of the Grand Canyon
AZT Day 4: Rim 2 Rim
AZT Day 5: The Starbucks Vortex in Tusayan
AZT Day 6: Trekking Pole Defense Methods
AZT Day 7: The San Francisco Peaks
AZT Day 8 & 9: Flagstaff
AZT Day 10: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish
AZT Day 11: Chocolate Zucchini Muffin
AZT Day 12: Dried Peaches & Mango
AZT Day 13: Pine
AZT Day 14: A River
AZT Day 15: The AZT Shows Some Teeth
AZT Day 16 & 17: The Halfway Retreat
AZT Day 18: Four Peaks
AZT Day 19: A Bear, a Burger & a Skunk
AZT Day 20: Superior
AZT Day 21: How I Pictured the AZT
AZT Day 22: Hello Gila River, Again
AZT Day 23: The FKT lady
AZT Day 24: Oracle & 200 Miles To Go!
AZT Day 25: Scary Climbs & Wine
AZT Day 26: Just A Hard Day
AZT Day 27: Mt Mica
AZT Day 28: The Vail Safeway Sidetrip
AZT Day 29: Grasslands of AZ
AZT Days 30 & 31: Patagonia
AZT Day 32: Canelo Hills
AZT Day 33: Feet Dragging
AZT Day 34: The Hiking Season That Finally Ended
2019 AZT Summary and Stats
2019 Trail Angel Recognition Post
2019 CDT & AZT Gear Summary



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