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Pacific Northwest Trail 2022

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For my 10th long-distance thru-hike, I completed the 1,250 mile PNT, which roughly follows the Canadian border from Glacier National Park in Montana to Cape Alava/Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. This route serves as a northern connector of the PCT and CDT, as it shares a brief part of each trail. The majority of the PNT is through Washington, but it also travels through Idaho and Montana. The conditions on the PNT were quite varied and different from other long hikes I’ve done. Water was plentiful (record high snowpack in 2022), bushwhacking and route-finding was required for parts of the route, and I was in grizzly bear territory for the first quarter of the hike…but still never saw any.

Around 100 people attempt a thru-hike of the PNT each year, most traveling Westbound. I Flip-Flopped from the center near Oroville, which is explained in detail in my daily blogs and a summary post. It can be a pretty lonely trail but there are a fair amount of towns along the way and good support from Trail Angels.

The red line of the PNT

History of the PNT (courtesy of the PNTA webpage): Ron Strickland’s concept of a rain drop’s journey from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean has been around since the early 1970s. He pioneered the route, piecing together trails and roads.  The first thru-hikes, completed in 1977 by Janet Garner and Rex Bakel, proved the route and were documented in Garner’s 1979 Backpacker Magazine cover story.  That same year, the first guide to hiking the PNT was published. In the decades since, hundreds of people have followed, and the route has been refined. Congress designated the PNT as a National Scenic Trail in 2009.

The PNT is divided into 10 sections, traverses 3 National Parks (Glacier NP, North Cascades NP, Olympic NP), 6 Wilderness areas (1/4 of the route) and 7 National Forests. By necessity, the route still involves a lot of road miles to connect these areas. Much is on remote dirt forest service / logging roads. Some PNT hikers will skip/hitch a lot of these road walks but I didn’t find most of them to be all that bad. In total, I only skipped 11 miles of road walking (5 miles out of convenience and 6 miles of busy HWY 20 south of Port Townsend). Despite this, I still ended up walking more miles than the official published distance of the red line, due to the alternates I took.

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Pacific Northwest Trail 2022
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