PCT Gear List

Not much has changed since I hiked Te Araroa. During that trip, I stuck with my same gear throughout the whole trail. I am starting the PCT with all the same items, save for some clothing. My wool t-shirt got completely consumed on the TA but my first Purple Rain skirt is still functional, just a bit faded. But I decided to go with new colors in my clothing, just to look a little different.  I will be sporting a black and gray Trew Pocket-T and new blue Purple Rain skirt. I also picked up an ice axe and microspikes to deal with the snow at the beginning, but it’s looking like I won’t even need them since the snow is melting so fast.

My electronics list has also changed slightly. My parents convinced me to get a Spot Messenger so they can follow my progress. I liked the simplicity of the PLB that I previously carried (no turning it on/off and replacing batteries) but the Spot will keep them much happier:) I am also bringing a 10,000 mAh battery bank as opposed to the 5000 mAh that I previously carried. This one is only 1 oz more and worth the extra back-up. I may not even need my solar charger, though I do love the freedom (from town) that it affords.

Here is my PCT gear list, courtesy of Lighterpack.com