Twig Adventures

Day 87: Mt Whitney

September 30th, 2018 Crabtree Meadow to mm 759.5 Distance: 7 PCT miles plus 16 miles on Whitney Spur Trail 0300 – 1630 Today was the big day: climb the highest mountain in the the contiguous US at nearly 14,500′. Last summer, I summited the second tallest mountain, Mt Elbert, off the Colorado Trail. It is only about 50 feet shy of Mt. Whitney, but who’s counting? I was awake and making coffee by 2:30 am. We were on the trail by 3:25 but got a little delayed in trying to find a bear box in the dark. We left some of our stuff in there. The trail was easy to follow; in fact, we barely used our headlamps the whole[…]

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Colorado Trail, Week 2, Part 1, Breckenridge To Twin Lakes, Segments 8-11

Day 8: July 20th, Copper Mountain village to campsite south of Camp Hale, 20.1 miles, Segment 8. Sofie’s friend picked us (Yoyo, PBR, Sofie and me) up at the hostel for a very early start. One of her car windows was blown out so the 30 minute ride was freezing! We arrived at the trailhead very anxious to start hiking, just to warm up. Our wish was granted, as it was a steady climb up a valley to Searle Pass. We walked right through the ski resort and I fantasized about the hot coffee that must exist down in the village. A man-made snow course was still present. This is one of 2 ski resorts that the CT goes through…the[…]

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