Twig Adventures

Day 30: Back on the trail

August 4th, 2018

Cascade Locks mm 2147 to Indian Springs CG mm 2127.5

Distance: 19.5 miles

I woke at 0630, still with so much to do in the morning. I showered again and finished up my last minute details. Origionally the plan was to drive Spatz and me back to the trail but his foot was hurting and he needed to take another zero. So they made the trip just for me, and I felt bad about that. I had offered to take a bus but Shelly nixed that idea.

Ray, Shelly, Skybird, and me

The whole family was going to a wedding that night, then Skybird was going to hike with her sister and dad starting Sunday morning. Skybird and Spatz rode out to Cascade Locks to see me off, which was really nice, but sad to be parting again. I will miss them a lot.

As I was heading back towards the trail, someone yelled my name and I was pleased to see Bearhair, a German SOBO that I hadn’t seen since Snoqualmie. We chatted for a bit. She is very nice and I hope I see her again.

I began the long climb out of the gorge at around 1030 am and wasn’t feeling all that energetic. I ran into a SOBO that I met back at White Pass and have been leapfrogging since. Naps is hiking with her dog Frank, who recognized me and came running up whimpering and presenting a huge, charred stick. It was cute. He growls at everybody else, especially NOBOs.

Looking back at the gorge from where I came.

Looking ahead towards Mt. Hood, which I will be passing close by in days to come.

I continued on, passing the day listening to podcasts. Eventually the trail leveled out somewhat and I cruised into a campground. It was abandoned but there was a nice spring and still picnic tables at all the sites, which is quite the luxury. I was the only one there by 1830 but shortly after 6 NOBOs arrived and I was surrounded by tents. But for once, I got the best spot. And man did I enjoy my pillow on this first night in Oregon.

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