Continental Divide Trail 2019

The CDT was my hardest thru-hike to date. For one, the trail itself was very difficult. There were many challenges such as finding water, finding the trail, braving extreme weather (lightning, wind, cold, hail), and surviving days on end of steep ascents/descents and high elevations…most all of the trail through Colorado is above 10,000 feet. Not to mention all the bugs that plagued me for over a month through Montana and Wyoming.

I also faced the challenge of nearly loosing my father to cancer. I took 1.5 months off to be with him and initially thought my hiking season was over. But miraculously Dad got better and I returned to the trail just in time to hike the rest of it southbound. Many thru-hikers “flipped” this year to avoid all the snow in Colorado, so I ended up in the company of some of the same people that I started with in New Mexico.  It was kind of a strange and incongruous hiking season when compared to how smooth and perfect my PCT hike was the year before. But despite the derailments and obstacles, I persevered to become a stronger hiker and person.

Scroll down to find a list of all my CDT posts…

Announcing the Continental Divide Trail
Day 0: The Land of Enchantment
Day 1: Great Beginnings
Day 2: The Wet Desert
Day 3: First Trail Magic
Day 4: Thirsty
Day 5: Silver City
Day 6: Trail Days
Day 7: A Happy Herpy Day
Day 8: Silver City Redo
Day 9: Hoodoos
Day 10: The Gila River Begins
Day 11: Doc Campbells
Day 12: Crawling up the River
Day 13: Open Spaces
Day 14: Horned Lizard Mountains
Day 15: Davila Ranch CDT Rest Stop
Day 16: Into Pie Town, Again
Day 17: TLC
Day 18: Cebolla, Sands, and Armijo Canyons
CDT Sojourn
CDT: Changing Directions
SOBO Day 1: A Beary good day
SOBO Day 2: Seeing it all
SOBO Day 3: Two Passes and Angry Birds
SOBO Day 4: Saying Goodbye to Glacier National Park
SOBO Day 5: Onto the 2nd section and blowdown hell
SOBO Day 6: Through the Woods
SOBO Day 7: Climbing up passes becomes a new sport
SOBO Day 8: Walls & Benchmark
SOBO Day 9: Soggy then Sunny
SOBO Day 10: Fireworks
SOBO Day 11: Easy Day
SOBO Day 12: So Many Potatoes
SOBO Day 13: I Love Helena
SOBO Day 14: Enchanted Forests
SOBO Day 15: So So
SOBO Day 16: March to Anaconda
SOBO Day 17: Storm Lake
SOBO Day 18: Wilderness Wonder
SOBO Day 19: Pintler Perfect
SOBO Day 20: Darby
SOBO Day 21: Idaho Potatoes
SOBO Day 22: Difficult Times
SOBO Day 23: Bitterroot Fun





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