Twig Adventures

PCBCRT Day 63: Around Freel

Sunday, Sep 10th, 2023, 0645-1920Edgewood Creek to Round Lake29 miles, Gain 5400′, Loss 4500′, elevation 8090′ I was a good night next to the boulders. I woke with a migraine that was hard to shake, though. A steady uphill with a heavy pack wasn’t the best combo, but I got by. The trail wound through ski areas and along the backside of the rim, with views down into the valley where Carson City sits. The forest continued to be rather dry, reminding me of New Mexico. I was pretty mesmerized looking at more of the Nevada mountain ranges in the distance. They called to me. This was my last day hiking the trail in Nevada, but I hoped there would[…]

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PCBCRT Day 62: South Lake Tahoe in and out

Saturday, Sep 9th, 2023, 0650-1830Spooner Lake\Hwy 50 to Edgewood Creek16 miles, Gain 2240′, Loss 2510′, elevation 7190′ This was half a town day, so not much detail to record. The trail climbed from the hwy steadily to arrive at another sagebrush capped hill top. It was a good warm up for the morning…not that I was very cold. It was remarkably warmer than the previous morning. I caught up to Natty on the descent from the hill and we talked while we hiked. When I told him my name, a bell rang and he remembered meeting me at Lake Morena, a day before I finished the PCT in 2018. I remembered meeting 2 hikers at the restaurant there, but not[…]

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PCBCRT Day 61: Crushing on Crushed Granite

Friday, Sep 8th, 2023, 0700-2030Galena Falls to south of Spooner Lake\Hwy 5031 miles, Gain 3580′, Loss 5190′, elevation 7450′ I woke feeling very satisfied from my accomplishment the night before. I allowed a later start, as it was very cold and I’d had a long day previously. The sun rose, radiating light and heat into the valley. A grouse cackled nearby, not knowing I was laying in my tent so close to her morning pecking grounds. I rejoined the TRT from the side trail and moseyed down to the highway and vehicle campground. I used the toilet and filled my water bottles. I was hoping someone might be making a sharable breakfast but had no luck. I’m not sure that[…]

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