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SOBO Day 40: Green River Lakes Portal

August 3rd, 2019

Mm 1117.3 to Green River Lakes mm 1152

Distance in miles: 34.7


We hope for another big day to make it to the Green River and Lakes, portal to the Wind River range. We are on the march early as usual, our actions almost mechanical at this point. The trail flows up to a ridge where there are views of the Tetons and back to the buttes where we started the day before. The miles tick by as we roll along. Twelve down by 10 am, nearly 21 done by 1 pm. We could be in camp by 6 pm at such a rate.But I always slow down by the afternoon. We take a long break at a stream to soak and eat, then it’s a climb for 4 miles up to Gunsight Pass. We catch up to a party of 4 going south at the pass, not sure if they are section hiking or what. Earlier we ran into Wrongway, a NOBO I first met just outside of Lordsburg.I feel quite good all day but the last few miles drag. I can see the lake from the pass and it looks so close. But it’s another 7 miles. The mosquitoes play their dirty tricks from time to time, catching me even going downhill. Horseflies also attack, always going for the backs of my knees where I can’t see them. How are these vampire insects so smart and fast? I use deet sparingly just to get along. At least the views into the valley are stunning, so I focus on that.

At the lake, we scope out the scene at the campground. We are not sure whether we want to stay there or somewhere else nearby. There are a few old historic cabins, pit toilets, and a boat ramp. A modern cabin overlooks the lake and there is a group of about 10 people renting it for the weekend. We wonder by just trying to figure out how much it is to get a campground site and they offer us beer, wine, and soda. I can’t but help accept a bit of all three, thirsty and tired as I am from a long day. We hang out with the group for awhile, trying to catch all their names and explain just what it is that we’re doing. They are getting revved up for a huge rave all night and we just want to go to sleep, so we set off to find a campsite.

We can’t find the camp hosts or any information on reserving a site, so we just settle into some trees on the edge of the campground. The only campground service we use is the water spigot and our stealth spot bothers no one. We sink quietly into the darkness as it begins to rain, dead to the world with the exertion of the day. Tomorrow we have a big decision to make.

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