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2023 Recap and 2024 Wish-list

I always enjoy marveling at Google bread-crumbs of my ramblings over the past 6 years…mostly by foot. I love how distinctly so many of my trails are depicted. Such a presentation really drives home how much ground I’ve covered on my hikes.

In 2023, I added a significant number of dots in Utah and down the coast of Oregon, the result of hiking the Hayduke and Oregon Coast Trails. I also connected the Bigfoot Trail to the PCT to the Tahoe Rim Trail, for a total of about 2300 miles for 2023…notice the nice symmetry of those figures, completely unintentional:) This brought my total to over 17K miles since I began thru-hiking in 2017. I figure I might as well go for the circumference of the earth (25k) at this point.

So how about 2024? I’ll be rafting the Grand Canyon in February (my first thru-paddle) and am considering a drive up to Damascus VA to attend AT Trail days in May. I’d like to hike 2 shorter trails afterwards or before, the Foothills Trail (75 miles) and the Benton MacKaye Trail (about 300 miles) For the summer, I plan to tackle the Great Divide Trail through the Canadian Rockies (July-August). Finally, I can’t help but notice one last gap in completing the Great Western Loop (as a series of previously-hiked long sections/thrus… CDT, PCT, PNT, GET, AZT). Brett Tucker @ HikeInvention’s new Desert Winter Thru Hike would close that gap perfectly…but it remains to be seen if I will have enough steam left by the end of the year. Anyone else thinking about these trails? Drop me a line. I hiked more than 1000 miles alone last summer, so it would be nice to have some company…

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  1. Hi Ms Harmon/aka twig.
    First of all, congratulations on successfully completing your thru hikes. Have you gotten any responses regarding a hiking companion for the upcoming endeavors? I’m primarily a touring cyclist, but am looking at doing some long walks. As they say, change is good.

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