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SOBO Day 30: The Last Montana-Idaho Section

July 24th, 2019

Mm 850 to mm 870.2

Distance in miles: 20.2


I can’t believe that I’ve been walking SOBO for a month already. The time does fly by.

For the first time in awhile, I have the luxury of rolling around in bed and sleeping in…until 0630 am. I am hungry as soon as I wake up and head to the one restaurant again. Good thing the food and service is good. I am not usually into having a big breakfast but today I am. My order comes out on two plates, there is so much food: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of french toast, and a giant slab of ham. I eat every last bit. Yum.

Just before taking the 11 am shuttle back to the trail, I get an ice cream cone and beef, bean and cheese burrito from the gas station. The burrito is titled “The Bomb” and it feels like it in my stomach. I consume it while walking the first mile, nearly choking on it going up a hill.We find two trail registers to sign today. There aren’t too many people ahead. We see Nikoli’s name from the 11th, so we know he was able to get a ride from Anaconda. We caught up to another couple in town: Windman and Spaghetti & Meatballs. They left on the 9 am shuttle today and all our other friends were going to hang around town until the 5 pm shuttle.

The route starts out on a road, per usual, and it is one of the nicest yet, with soft turf and dirt, basically no trucks. We pass lots of cows and 2 guys cutting logs. We also run into a NOBO, Eats, from Breckenridge, CO. He gives us some good beta on water sources and such.We go up and down, per usual, but it’s not too bad. The mosquitos get intense towards the end of the day, putting me in a bad mood. We wanted to make it 23 miles to a pond but got too late a start for that. The bugs would probably really suck there anyways so we settle for a dry camp that has a nice view and bit of a breeze. Smoke is blowing in from a fire in Idaho, so for once the sky is hazy. I feel like I’m back in northern California again but at least I can’t smell the smoke.

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