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Pacific Crest Trail 2018

What! Another thru-hike? Yes, I just can’t get enough.

I am going SOBO, Canada to Mexico, starting the first week of July.

Stay tuned!





PCT Facts:

  • Location: California / Oregon / Washington, USA
  • Length: 2,652.5 mi (4,269 km)
  • Time Zone: PST (UTC-8)
  • Northern Terminus: Canadian Border*
  • Southern Terminus: Campo, California
  • Highest Point: Forester Pass, 13,153 ft (4,009 m)
  • Lowest Point: Cascade Locks, 140 ft (43 m)
  • Elevation Change: 420,880 ft (128,284 m)
  • Use: Pedestrian & Equestrian

*NOBO hikers can obtain a permit to cross over the border into Canada, thereby finishing the trail at a place called Manning Park, BC. There is no such permit offered by the US (even if you are a US citizen!), so it is illegal to walk from Manning Park across the border into the US. In order to say that I have walked from border to border, I must start at the nearest US trail intersection, a place called Harts Pass, and hike an extra 30 miles north, then retrace my steps. What’s an extra 30 miles?

How does the PCT compare to Te Araroa? Well, it’s about 800 miles longer, for starters. Check out the size comparison of the state of California to the country of New Zealand. They are about the same length but California has twice the land area and about 33 million more people.

I also will be walking the length of Oregon and Washington State. However, since trail maintenance of the PCT is generally excellent, I expect that I will be able to do many big mile days, averaging more miles per day and finishing in about 4.5-5 months.