Twig Adventures

Day 12: Escaping the bugs

July 17th, 2018

Lake Janus mm 2474 to Stevens Pass mm 2464

Distance: 10 miles

The bug situation seemed to be even worse in the morning. Plus, I was feeling groggy from the benadryl and slept until 6 am. I just did not want to get up and deal with the bugs. As a result, it took me forever to pack up. At 0720 I practically ran away from my campsite and did not stop for quite awhile. I even wore my head net for a few miles. If I never see that place again, I will not be sad.

I later met two day hikers from a nearby town. They said it was the worst year for bugs that they could remember. I passed Lake Valhalla but did not stop, even though it looked beautiful.

Shortly I was within sight of the highway over Stevens Pass and even got a cell signal for the first time in 12 days. The trail had widened and I was able to text and hike the last mile.

At the lodge, I picked up my resupply box, sifted through the hiker box, used the bathroom, and got a delicious breakfast burrito at the cafe. Emily and Ryan had arrived at the same time as me so we all hung out. Then the rest of the gang began rolling in.

Some of us wanted a break in the nearby town so we formulated a plan to go in on a room at the Cascadia Inn in Skykomish. I needed a break from the mossies.

Just as we began contemplating how to get to town, a guy came up to us and asked if we needed a ride. A ride seeking hitchers, go figure. He was a local trail angel and just thought he’d stop by to see if there were any hikers. Julia, Jose, Zeek, and I all squeezed in and then once in town, checked into the hotel. It came to $28 a piece for a 4 person bunkroom. At least it came with towels, soap and shampoo. The shower was awesome.

The promise of a real bed and shower. Also my first night not in my tent.

The busy streets of Skykomish.

We ended up at the local pub for dinner that night (the only place open). I went with standard fare of fish and chips. It wasn’t the best but hit the spot. I also had a delicious dry cider. We all filed out of the pub promptly at 9:30 pm and were in bed by 10. What a rowdy crowd we hikers are.

I stayed up until 11 pm when I realized it was Amazon Prime day and I could get some deals on gear replacements that I needed. I ordered a water bladder, merino sports bra, and an inflatable pillow. Oh how I have missed my pillow! My last one got a hole and I left it with a friend in NZ. I can’t wait for the new one! It is so worth the extra 3.5 oz.


  1. Twig! I loved following your TA posts and loving this adventure as well. Your photos are stunning. Did I mention how jealous I am? Maybe in my next life!

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