Twig Adventures

Day 99: Mavora Lakes

March 11th

Taipo hut (km2735) – South Mavora Lake (km2769)

Mileage: 21mi/34km

Today was pretty easy walking and uneventful. There was more walking through tussock fields, then the route followed a 4WD track along Lake Mavora. I did not enjoy this part because the road had lots of rocks, went up and down a lot, and had big mud and water holes. There was also the occasional truck or motorcycle.

We passed a few huts and then a large campground at the south end of the lake. Then it was back onto a trail through the forest. I was happy once again, fleeting along a great trail amongst grand trees. Somewhere in this area is where they filmed scenes for Fangorn Forest, where the Ents lived in LOTR.

As evening approached, we knew we would have to camp somewhere. We had hoped to make it to a hut but the distance was too great. We saw Sarah camping along South Mavora Lake and decided to go just a bit further. We passed by a good spot near a swingbridge, only to find nothing for the next km. So we turned back to return to the swingbridge. I hate retracing my steps, especially on a thru-hike. But the campsite was worth it as there were nice flat spots right next to the lake but pretty protected. There was even a toilet at the carpark across the bridge. So ended this 99th day. Triple digits for tomorrow!

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