Twig Adventures

Day 67: Getting Higher

September 10th, 2018

HWY 49 mm 1195.5 to White Rock Creek mm 1167

Distance: 28.5 miles plus 1.5 miles walk from town.


I woke up and packed early, as usual. I slept really well, despite all the company and interesting surroundings. I went back down to the picnic table at the store to make coffee and breakfast, plus use the wifi and electricity. It took me awhile to get a blog posted, as I was having technical errors. By then, the coffee shop had opened, and I couldn’t help but indulge in a real coffee. I was very cold from sitting around all morning.

There were no cars on the road so I walked the 1.5 miles back to the trailhead by myself. Everyone else was getting a later start. News Feed had to stay in town another day waiting on a new Sawyer Filter. The threads on his old one had striped out…ironic since he let me use his filter on my 3rd day, when my own filter was kaput. I would have returned the favor but the filter was already on its way and he didn’t want to have to reschedule the delivery. I was glad that I had rescheduled my box to be delivered at my next resupply. But it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I had to wait in town with News Feed.

I still wanted to do a big day but since I was starting later, knew I would need to walk fast and not take hardly any breaks. It was a gradual climb but the trail got up over 8000′ for the first time. I didn’t notice the elevation, but for the chill in the air.

The views were great and I was a very happy hiker most of the day. I am so excited to finally be nearing the Sierra! I got to my planned campsite at a decent time and found a very beautiful setting. There was a gentle stream and flat spots under the pines. I was the first there but shortly a NOBO couple arrived, probably section hikers. Then Toad and Bella showed up.

I was happy for their company. Bella is from Colorado and Toad from WA. He sports a mullet but just graduated with a degree in civil engineering… can’t judge a book by its cover. He had gotten stung by a hornet in the last mile and his ankle was swelling. I gave him a benadryl. We ate dinner together and I thanked Bella once again for a brownie she had given me earlier. It was hands down the best brownie I have ever tasted. I recalled how I had met Bella’s stepmom and dad back at White Pass and now I was eating a brownie that her aunt had sent. Small world.

Around 8 pm, Suehenga and Lator Gator rolled in. It was dark by then, so they were using headlamps. I was already in my tent and on my way to sleep. I barely noticed them. I was just trying to get in some sleep before I inevitably woke up on the chilly side. I could tell it was going to be another cold night.

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