Twig Adventures

Day 0: The Land of Enchantment

April 21st, 2019 Colorado to New Mexico…by car. My parents drove me down to South Fork the day before and I spent the night there with Lisa. She was giving me a ride to Lordsburg, New Mexico – the start of the trail. Lisa is an avid thru-hiker and trail angel and was offering a ride since she was going down to visit her boyfriend Radar. He is the guy that organizes and drives a shuttle to the border, delivering hikers to their destiny. I had discovered most of this info through the CDT hiker Facebook page. Overnight, I stayed with one of Lisa’s foster cats, who woke me up many times trying to cuddle, but it was still nice[…]

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Announcing the Continental Divide Trail

So I’ve been planning for this trail for about 2 months now, which I guess is the next logical step after already having hiked the CT, TA and PCT. But it goes deeper than that. My very first long-distance hiking goal from 20 some years ago, when I first became a backpacker, was to hike the CDT through Colorado, my home state. Now that I know I can do much more than that, why not the whole thing? Yes, I will hike the whole CDT. I’m going for what I call “the Inverted Triple Crown.” The official Triple Crown amounts to hiking the Appalachian Trail, PCT, and CDT, usually in that order. I’m counting my nearly 2000 mile-long hike of[…]

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