Twig Adventures

Day 6: Trail Days

April 27th, 2019

HWY 90 crossing mm 108.6 – Burro Peak Trailhead mm 116.5

Distance in miles: 8


I got enough sleep to feel refreshed and wasn’t too dehydrated from the beer the night before. We all headed out to attend the free pancake breakfast in the park, sponsored by the Kiwanis club. Free food had attracted all the hikertrash for many miles around and it was a reunion of sorts. I ran into P’Diddy, Relentless, and Salty, who had just arrived, plus the French couple, Elevator and Dustbuster, and a whole bunch of others.

I then checked out the booths, looking at mostly gear I didn’t want or need. Although I was greatly tempted by Six Moon Designs new carbon fiber shaft umbrella. It weighs a whole 2 oz less than mine! And mine is getting pretty ratty after 5000 miles…it’s amazing it’s survived so long and I just can’t give it up after it’s already started its 4th thru-hike. Well, as soon as it finally dies, I know where I’m getting my next one from.

I also got to check out SMD’s Lunar Solo tent, which is a lot like my Solplex tent but with even more room. I pleaded with Allgood, the rep, to get the company to make one in camo DCF and I would be sold. Allgood is also the President of the American Long Distance Hiking Association-West (ALDHA-West), an organization that supports American long distance hiking and gives awards to those getting their triple crown. I asked him if he would make up a special award for my dyslexic triple crown and he laughed. Maybe, maybe.

There were also some informational booths. I found the one advertising all the great things about Grants, New Mexico to be particularly charming. The ladies had come all the way down to promote their city to thru-hikers. There was also a booth for a non-profit bringing awareness about snakes, so I got to pet a snake. But best of all was a presentation of three rescued donkeys! I really got my daily petting’s in!

Lunch was free AYCE sandwiches courtesy of Osprey Packs. Afterwards, I checked out one final booth that I had glanced over before. It was for a brand new company called Nashville Pack. I tried on one of their ultralight packs and instantly fell in love. They have come up with a very innovative shoulder strap design which I found to be oh-so comfortable. Their packs are made of xpack lightskin, which is like DCF and very watertight. I was hooked and plan to get one soon, maybe even for this hike. So there, Trail Days did succeed in selling me on something.

The new pack I want, minus pink highlights

Having found something new that I wanted, it was time to get out of town. Several of us had arranged a ride to Lordsburg and the trail in between with Vanessa and Manda the day before and we were to meet them at 3 pm. Vanessa kindly delivered me right back to where I had left the trail. It was sad to part ways with all the friends I had made but I was glad to be hiking again. I would be back in Silver City again in 2 days.

Open, Bearman, Vanessa, Carmen Santiago, and me

Bearman and I immediately ran into another hiker, Luckyman. And just like that, I had another friend to get to know. We hiked a brief 8 miles to where there was a water cache and a parking/camping area of sorts. The water is provided by Vanessa and Manda, who also gave us our rides around town. They are just the sweetest two trail angels. They even made up business cards to give to hikers. Both want to start doing long-distance hiking after being inspired by us crazies. They each won backpacks in the raffle, so they are well on their way!

I was glad to crawl into my tent after another eventful day. Whew, my first trail days is in the bag!

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