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Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I had to suspend my journey along the CDT, as well as daily blogs. I have been called home to Colorado to face one of life’s more difficult eventualities. My dad is ill and may not have much time left.

I made it 376 miles along the various routes, just 35 miles short of Grants, NM. I was doing well and feeling great. The CDT threw some curveballs but other than being cold and a bit wet, I was surviving. I definitely needed a warmer sleeping pad and maybe a few more layers. Plus, I was nearing the snow line and would have had to soon flip or wait for a lot of snow to melt. Well into May, it is still snowing in the high country in Colorado.


  1. I was beginning to worry bout you with no posts. Was actually gong to call you this weekend. So sorry to hear about your Dad and curtailed trip. Please keep me posted.?

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. I know you will be back to finish the CDT. Glad you will spend time with him.

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