Twig Adventures

GET Day 29: Blue Mountain & Water Blues

Thursday Apr 15th, 2021, 0700-1930San Mateo Canyon to Indian Springs, segment 29, mm 53526 miles Coyotes howled all night but their antics didn’t bother me in the least…I kind of like the sound. I also heard a western screech owl. It stayed pretty warm overnight and we woke to high cloud cover. I was glad that it would stay cool for the climb into the San Mateos but worried that the bad weather was moving in early. We began walking up the Burma road towards the southern end of the Apache Kid Trailhead. The road seems to have several offshoots and I was uncertain where it went or came from. We bothered some more cows, unintentionally as always, then came[…]

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GET Day 12: West Peak of the PinaleƱos

Monday Mar 29th, 2021, 0900-1930Klondyke Road to Clark Peak rec area Segment 10, mm 20721 miles It wasn’t easy leaving the comforts of the Purple C Ranch. We dragged our feet in the morning but the mountains were calling. We had a big day ahead with a ton of elevation gain. I hoped to make it some 22 miles to a lake but a later than usual start didn’t bode well. After all our goodbyes, Bob dropped us off at the start. We walked a series of dirt roads from Klondyke Rd to Tripp canyon…the foothills before the mountains began. Along the way we met the local rancher, Kyle, who told us to ignore his private property and no trespassing[…]

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