Twig Adventures

GET Day 39: Killing Time

Wednesday Apr 28th, 2021, 0730-1100 Manzanita Mountains to I 40, Tijeras, Segment 37, mm 742 7 miles I woke with another migraine but at least this time I took the right medicine. When my alarm went off, the pain was mostly gone. I also woke to something else, something that had been missing for too long…hunger. First thing I did was eat all my granola. It was a nice morning and we weren’t in a hurry, so I made coffee then tea while eating all the chocolate I had, along with other snacks. We continued down more bike trails but didn’t see anyone else. The day before we only encountered 2 bikers on the trails. There must be over 100[…]

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GET Day 38: Disjointed Wonderings

Tuesday Apr 27th, 2021, 0600-1900 Comanche Pass to Manzanita Mountains, Segment 37, mm 735 23.5 miles I woke around 4 am with a pretty severe migraine. They haven’t been too bad on this hike so I don’t know what triggered it. Perhaps too few calories and too much exertion. I took some of my medication but when my alarm went off, it felt like the migraine was worse. I realized that I must have taken a benadryl instead of the medicine I needed (both were mixed together in a small bag and oblong in shape, hard to differentiate in the dark). So not only was my head pounding, I felt groggy as well. I didn’t want to move but had[…]

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GET Day 37: Manzano Mountains

Monday Apr 26th, 2021, 0630-1800 Rattlesnake Spring to Comanche Pass, Segment 35, mm 690.5 23.5 miles It was another relatively warm and calm night. I heard some sort of nightjar calling but wasn’t sure what kind. While I was forcing my dinner down the night before, a single mosquito got a bite in before I could even recognize what it was. It’s maybe the 4th I’ve seen all trip. Flies and gnats have also been a non-issue. I guess our struggle to find water all the time comes with some benefits. To start the day, we walked some more ATV roads to a graded forest service road, then up 4 miles to a somewhat abused and neglected campground. It had[…]

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