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AZT Day 34: The Hiking Season That Finally Ended

November 9th, 2019 Bathtub Spring mm 780.5 to USA-Mexican Border mm 788.6 Distance in miles: 8.1 0605-1220 (An aside, this long-overdue post is about my last day on the AZT and of a very long 2019 hiking season. Between the CDT and AZT, I calculated that I hiked around 3,500 miles. This is not including all the day hiking and short segments I did in Florida and Colorado, which probably brings my total to around 3,800 miles. I will follow up with summary posts but in the meantime, enjoy this last day, as I did). It’s very quiet overnight and I have one of the best night’s sleep, ever. I’m right about the condensation though. My tent hasn’t been this[…]

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